Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Strange flowers in Dicksonia rare plants Mt Macedon

 Here are some plants I spotted whilst working at Dicksonia last week. First of all is Muscari botryoides 'album' which is the white version of a regular blue grape hyacinth plant (which can be seen in to the side of the plant in question).

 Next is a plant I know little about which goes by the name of Rununculus ficaria 'brazen hussy'. I had to include it because of its funny name. I'd love to know how it got the name brazen hussy, perhaps an interesting lady once grew them. This is one of the plants in the nursery that is not for sale and that being the case makes me really want it.

Below is a mystery plant that I found behind the brazen hussy at the nursery (I'm referring to the plant when I say that). It looks to be some other variety of Runuculus. I'll ask Stephen what its called next time I'm working with him.

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