Sunday, October 21, 2012

Geranium maderence and the annual bed revisited

When I think of Geraniums stinky smells and old people come to mind. My thoughts, however, were changed when Michael Dale pointed out this magnificent Geranium maderence which is in the entrance garden in Parkville. When not in flower I barely noticed it but it is now in bloom and it looks amazing, nothing like the traditional ones I see here in the front yards of seniors. Like the Echiums I'm fond of it is also native to the Canary Islands and specifically the island of Madeira. It is a biennial plant but it self seeds easily so there is always another ready to go when another dies. It flowers in its second year of growth.

Look at all those flowers

Close up of a Geranium maderence flower

Last of all we finally got rid of all the Mizuna plants from our annual bed and it looks so much better. It has also filled out substantially since my last post. All the Tulips are now open and the Stocks are standing tall.

Looks so much better than in my first post

The Dutch love Tulips and so do I


Some sort of crazy coloured Tulip chosen by Michael Dale

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