About me

Who on Earth is Alexander Krasovskis?

My name is Alexander Krasovskis and I reside in the small semi rural town of Macedon which is in the central Victorian uplands, Australia. I was previously employed by the state government as an information support analyst (I.T support) but threw that job in after 7 years of service. After a few jobs in between I finally settled into the area of horticulture doing maintenance gardening at the University of Melbourne's International House college as an assistant gardener. During that time I completed a certificate 3 in horticulture at NMIT (now Melbourne Polytechnic) in Fairfield.
After 4 years as an assistant gardener I decided to leave my job at the University of Melbourne to concentrate on my own gardening business 'Aggregata Plants & Gardens'. I am interested in both edible and ornamental plants which I incorporate in my garden designs / renovations. I love visiting other peoples gardens and are a massive fan of the Victorian open gardens scheme. I'm particularly drawn to soft landscaping and also sustainable gardening concepts. I am also interested in both plant ecology and biology. I have written articles for the Sustainable Gardening Australia website www.sgaonline.com.au.

The website for my gardening business is www.aggregata.com.au.

What is Aggregata Plants & Gardens all about?

I originally started this blog for 2 main reasons. The first reason was to keep a record of my work in horticulture with the view to using it to supplement my resume. The second was to use it to help ingrain concepts I have learned in my study and work in horticulture. However the blog has become more than that and I basically see blogging as a hobby now. I've also found that writing about horticulture in a blog a great way to network with other gardeners. The 3 main topics covered by Aggregata Plants & Gardens are ornamental horticulture, edible gardening and also reviews of gardens I've visited. Please feel free to leave comments on any of my blog entries.