Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Echium simplex plants in Parkville

Another Echium I love is Echium simplex. Its flowers are much larger than Echium fastuosum, the ones shown below are well over 1.5 long. The plant in its entirety is over 3m tall. The common name for this plant is 'Tower of jewels' due to its incredible flower heads. It doesn't like frost so I wont be trying this one at home as unfortunately it is just too cold. Having just said that, I did see lots of Echium fastuosum plants in Macedon in full flower on the weekend so I'll try planting them. It is a biennial plant but it self seeds vigorously due to its plentiful flowers.  Echium simplex is native to the Canary islands. If you live in Melbourne where the weather permits this plant I would highly recommend it, especially as a show piece in the front garden.

Towers of jewels growing in the Parkville garden I work at

Bees love Echiums

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