Sunday, March 20, 2016

Seedling emergence and irrigation installation

Burnley vegetable plot update

This post describes my plot at Uni as it was last week on the 9th of March (a week after planting out).

Being a part time student means that unlike the full timers I have to leave my plot to fend for itself for 5 days. During my absence the weather was warm with some days in around or over 30 degrees Celsius. I was initially worried that the seeds I had sown weren't going to sprout, but my worries diminished upon arrival where I was greeted by several small green cotyledons (seed leaves) piercing the fine mulch I spread the week before. The carrot seeds seemed to have a high germination rate and the snow peas all had at least one representative present at the base of each bamboo tripod leg. Under the mulch the ground seemed moist so I suspect my fellow student came through on their promise to water my plot which was great considering rainfall had been minimal. All the other seedlings seemed healthy and all were still present and intact unlike some other plots which had endured nibbling from either various herbivores (I'm assuming wood duck or snail). I did a little weeding and watering and then installed drip irrigation which consisted of 5 drip lines. I mulched over the drip line and called it a day.

Example plot showing our drip irrigation layout

A snow pea seedling stretching towards the sun

This is possibly the most boring photograph I have ever taken. If you look carefully you can see the tiny carrot tops in a row.

New Zealand yams doing their thing

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  1. Looks like it's coming along. Gardening is unpredictable really. I read through a couple previous blogs to catch up to the story here.