Tuesday, March 8, 2016

2016 Emerging from the darkness (getting this blog back on track)

Salutations to all

Hello to anybody reading this blog. I say hello because I feel I need to reintroduce myself after the lean year that was 2015 which produced a meagre four blog posts. Those who subscribe to this blog may well have thought I had fallen off the edge of the earth but rest assured I am well and feel energised to write lots of posts in 2016.

Melbourne University Burnley

Probably the main reason I slowed down with my writing was that 2015 was a very busy year. The main thing keeping me busy was my acceptance into the University of Melbourne's 'Associate Degree in Urban Horticulture' at the Burnley campus. Dealing with the travel from Macedon to Burnley in itself is exhausting then added to that was all the work I had to do. In truth the amount of work was probably not too bad but I really threw myself at the subjects with gusto (maybe a little too much at times). The first year subjects included Plant Biology 1 and Plant Biology 2 (advanced) which were difficult but extremely rewarding. I ended up getting good marks for the year so I suppose it was worth it.

Adventures in India

After the end of semester two I was lucky enough to get free airfare for myself and my family to India courtesy of my Indian father-in-law. It was an amazing place full of intense sights, sounds (and sometimes smells). Somebody once told me that 'in India everything is turned up to eleven' and that proved to be an accurate description. I had a great time staying with family half the time and travelling by rail across the central part of the country. I managed to get some great plant photos when I was there and also learned a little about the common trees that grow there.

Goodbye International House

Recently I resigned from my role as a gardener at Melbourne University's International House college. I had been there for several years and my role there was really one of an assistant. I thought if was time to leave as I had outgrown that role and there wasn't really any opportunity to advance. I have decided to try and build my own horticulture / gardening business and also try and expand into selling native seed. It is exciting to leave old ways behind and start new things, hopefully I can make it work.

A meandering path through the gardens at Burnley on a 36 degree day!

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