Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Fruit trees budding in Macedon and Happy Wanderer flowers

Winter is finally coming to end and my fruit trees in Macedon are showing buds. Once again I haven't purchased any fungicide so it looks like my peach and nectarine trees are going to get leaf curl. It's too late to do anything about it now so i'll have to aim for next year in terms of getting any good fruit from them. My apple tree on the other hand will be fine. I got lots of good fruit from it last year. I'll give it a feed soon to try and boost its vigour.

An apple tree bud.

My nectarine tree. It was only planted one year ago so it is still small. It was bare rooted when i got it.

Nectarine buds.

Peach tree flower in bloom.

Below are pictures of my 'Happy Wanderer' climber. The botanical name is Hardenbergia violacea. When flowering it is a beautiful plant and luckily it isn't too invasive. It is an Australian plant and is also known as 'purple coral pea' and 'native lilac'.


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