Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Echiums and Bananas in Parkville

Before I started work in Parkville I'd never seen a banana tree with ripe fruit in Melbourne. I've already picked some which were used in a banana cake and now there are some more ripe on the tree. I've noticed another bunch which is behind the main bunch. This tree is on a north facing aspect and close to a wall so it gets lots of sun and warmth from the wall. It's a little hard to discern from my photo but the fruit is quite small.

Today I spotted the first flowers of our huge Echiums blooming. They will look incredible when in full bloom (I will try to remember to post another picture). This particular Echium is called Echium Fastuosum and goes by the common names of 'Pride of Madeira' or 'Echium Candicans'. It only naturally occurs in Madeira which is a Portuguese archipelago. I wish i could grow this at home in Macedon but it is a frost sensitive plant so it wouldn't work there. The masses of flowers that are on display when it is fully blooming means this is not the plant for those with allergies to bees!

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