Friday, March 1, 2013

Grass plant Miscanthus sinensis 'Flamingo'

Lately I've been admiring several Miscanthus sinensis varieties as they are all in flower currently in Melbourne. I've grown to prefer them over the native grass plants which are presently popular. I also think they can serve the same sort of purpose as the flax plants that are seen planted in almost every new kits home's garden near the entrance.

Miscanthus plants are native to China and Japan. They go by the common names Chinese silvergrass, Suzuki grass, Porcupine grass and Maiden grass. They are a great plant to use for providing the often forgotten element of movement in your garden as the flower heads sway around in the breeze when the wind picks up. They also look stunning with the sun shining behind the flower heads. As with many grass plants propagation can be easily achieved by dividing this clumping plant. They respond well after trasnplanting and you don't have to be overly careful after pulling them up. Digging the plant out of the ground is the hardest part. They have a dense fibrous root system that needs to be dug around and under to lift the plant. They are tall plants that can grow to roughly 2 metres depending on the cultivar. I would describe their water usage as low / medium. 

There are several cultivars of Miscanthus. There are around 4 different cultivars at my work and I will endeavour to post pictures of them all. The one below is a Miscanthus sinensis 'Flamingo' plant in full bloom.

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