Monday, December 24, 2012

Reflections on my Macedon garden for 2012

Last post from my Macedon garden for 2012. Well I would say that this year was semi successful in Macedon in terms of my garden. As usual I only got 70% of things done that were planned but I have still made some positive progress.

I've managed to establish several perennials such as 2 Salvias, a Euphorbia, a Kniphofia and 3 Aeoniums, an unknown Japanese grass plant that was passed on to me. I planted out over 50 tulip bulbs that will hopefully flower and multiply thereby establishing a continuous supply. I also established a bed of annuals and improved the soil of 2 garden beds by incorporating some gypsum to break up some clay then digging through some mushroom compost. 

I've also learnt lots about pruning throughout the year and have been improving several plants. Next year I will spur prune my apple tree out the front and feed it so that I get some better quality apples and also spray the nectarine tree to prevent leaf curl which will ensure bigger and better fruit.

The big mission for next year that I didn't get around to this year is removing the blackberry from several parts of the garden. It has completely taken over the whole corner behind my tool shed. With luck I should be getting some bees from my brother and the area behind the tool shed is where the hives will be so I need to get it in order.

Also finally next year I am going to start planting out my ornamental trees. I already have one and have another on order for early next year. I'm not sure how much money I will have for others but I'm guessing I will have at least 4 in the ground by the end of next December.

Yay the blueberries are ripening. The one bush I have looks to have about 2 to 3 punnets worth on it. It took 3 years to bare that amount of fruit, not sure if that is due to maturity or the PH level of the soil. I will have to look into it because now I want to establish another 4 plants.

An Oriental lily that literally flowered today.

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